Announcing Double App for iOS Version 2.0

We're excited to announce version 2.0 of the Double app! The app is now live in the App Store. The previous version (1.6) is not compatible with iOS 8, so please update your app when you update your iOS.

This update is focused on improving the driving experience. High quality video is now possible and is automatically enabled on newer iPads! The driver can pinch to zoom or capture a full-resolution photo. This helps tremendously with reading whiteboards. There's a "Night Vision" mode that slows down the shutter speed to help you see when the lights are out. Robot height and speaker controls are now easier to access – just slide swipe up/down anywhere on the screen, left side for the robot speaker and the right side for robot height. This is a free update for all users.

Here's a full list of the new features:

Thalmic Labs uses Double to work long distance

As Waterloo Region's tech sector grows, many startups and companies in the community have to co-ordinate with employees or collaborators in other parts of Canada and abroad.

For certain occasions where an email or a phone call won't do, Thalmic Labs in Kitchener has a unique solution: a robot.

Developed by Double Robotics in California, the robot, or Double, is essentially an Apple iPad on wheels that can be piloted remotely using a Mac or PC computer, iPhone or a second iPad...

At ECMC, the robot will see you now

Dr. Paul Paterson is using his Double to visit his patients Erie County Medical Center. He is part of a rising practice many other physicians are testing out. They are calling this telerounding. Studies have shown that telerounding is proving to be very useful for busy physicians. It saves time and money by allowing doctors to be physically present in one hospital and virtually be in another at any time.

By using Double to roam around the hospital, Dr. Paterson is able to visit patients at any time. He recalls an urgent incident where a patient needed to speak with him. Dr. Paterson was able to connect with the patient using Double from his kitchen.

To read more, please visit this article:

Double in action at Light Chaser Animation!

Double Robotics is always happy to hear positive stories about how our customers are using their robots! 

Light Chaser Animation Studios is a small animation company based in Beijing, China. The company's founder, Gary Wang, uses Double to help his team communicate with each other. Animation director, Colin Brady, lives in Los Angeles and uses the robot to be present in the Beijing office. As a result, he did not have to move to China and he's able to spend more time at home. 

Koupah and Double

Koupah is a Point of Social platform, combining mobile, social and POS (Point of Sale) in a retail environment. They are dedicated to building and enhancing the customer-retailer relationship by personalizing the experience. David Merel, CEO of Koupah, uses his Double to be present in the office. Commuting to Midtown New York City can sometimes be difficult, but with the help of David's Double, he's still able to check in with his employees. 

As every company knows, travel can be very expensive. When you add up the cost of transportation, hotel, and food for several employees, you can expect to pay thousands of dollars. That is why some companies, like Koupah, have looked for ways to reduce travel costs. 

Koupah also attends many trade shows and brings their Double with them. Travel costs have been reduced and, more importantly, his staff are able to be "present" at their booths. David feels that Double has become a "great marketing tool" not only because it's helping his company save money, but because Double is helping to change the way we communicate with each other, just like Koupah. 

Double Robotics at ISTE Expo 2014 6/28 - 7/1!

Double Robotics is very proud to be attending its first ISTE Conference & Expo! The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE®), is a membership association for professional leaders looking for ways to use the latest technology in the educational field. We are thrilled and excited to show ISTE attendees what Double Robotics is all about!

Since we began shipping over a year ago, we have seen our Double being used in many different places - including inside the classroom. Double has helped students attend class when they weren’t physically able to and has also helped teachers connect with students remotely.

Recently, we visited the Kodiak Island Borough School District to see how they are using Double. Because traveling to these schools can be difficult due to harsh weather conditions, KIBSD has deployed 14 Doubles to reduce travel costs for professional development specialists and administrators.

If you are attending the 2014 ISTE Conference & Expo, please stop by the Double Robotics booth, #650. We’d love to see you there!

Case Study: Twitter engineering uses Double to humanize remote conversations

Bridging the gap between formal and informal interaction 

Twitter’s Engineering team in San Francisco wasn’t alone in their search for a technology solution to the disconnect created by global sprawl. Joining the ranks alongside John Deere, Steelcase, and HP, VP of Engineering at Twitter Raffi Krikorian purchased his Double in August of 2013.

Krikorian’s Double lives in his office and, while he’s visiting the Pittsburgh satellite office, Double can wander the aisles.

Expanding video conferencing

Before Double entered the building, Twitter’s engineering team was heavily reliant on typical video conferencing applications. “We’re not averse to talking to people electronically,” Krikorian said. But there was something missing from the interactions that took place between the mounted screen in a conference room and the people sitting at the table. It was static, in the sense that the interaction was stuck between those walls. 

“For us, video conferencing works in a very regimented way - it’s tied to the calendar, literally,” Krikorian said. Meetings are very reactional and directive, he added. “But most work gets done between meetings, in casual conversations.”  

Krikorian missed out on water cooler conversations quite frequently: “One of the things that would frustrate me when I didn’t have Double, is when I was traveling, I felt really disconnected.” 

So they began their quest to humanize remote engineering at Twitter. 

Double: Modern, yet classic 

It was important that the solution they chose resembled Twitter’s company culture and the team’s personality. Double easily fit the bill - elegant, sleek, simple. “At Twitter, we’re pretty mindful of those types of touches,” Krikorian said. “We pride ourselves in being a design-ish culture.”  

A few years back, a clunkier version of a telepresence robot was tested at the San Francisco office, but it only gathered dust. ”It just didn’t do it for us,” Krikorian said. “With Double, it’s just simple. It’s just two wheels and a rod with an iPad attached to it. Everyone can get their heads around that.”

It’s not about the savings; it’s about the gains

Not surprisingly, Krikorian also uses Double while in San Francisco. He’s been known to connect to it in the evening after most people have left for home. “When I’m not in the office, I’ll just drive it around and see what people are doing,” Krikorian added. “If I bump into someone, we might chat for a bit, and then I keep on driving.” 

The engineering team operates under a “very lenient” work from home policy that also includes adjustable in-office hours. Although most prefer face-to-face interactions and opt for typical 9am-6pm days, some choose to work late into the night. On the nights that Krikorian connects to Double from his home in San Francisco, he is able to create face-to-face interactions that otherwise might not have been possible with team members who work more efficiently at night. 

“It allows that type of chance encounter to happen,” Krikorian said. “Instead of being very transactional, it becomes much more part of the environment.” 

Double has established an entirely new narrative for Twitter’s global engineering team. “I didn’t expect to feel connected to the office when I was driving Double around,” he said. “I feel better because I have a Double.” 

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