Double on NBC4's Today in LA

​Double was featured on Today in LA on NBC4 News with host Mekahlo Medina.  It was an exciting experience for Double to travel to Los Angeles (accompanied by David!) to be on TV.

​Everyone at the studio had a great time with Double on set.  ​Here is Mekahlo using Double to introduce Double!

Double even got the chance to do the weather on the show as you can see here:

​Here's an in depth interview with David on how Double works.​

We hope you enjoyed the interviews​ and look forward to sharing more with you all as they come our way!

Spotted in SF: Clothed robot enjoys lunch with office staff

Doubles actually exist outside of our offices!  One of them lives at OpenTok, our totally awesome streaming video partner. 

We walked in to OpenTok HQ unannounced today around lunch time to perform some firmware updates and we were surprised to see a Double sitting at the lunch table with the rest of the crew!  It also appears maybe they had a little too much fun playing dress-up. :)

Check out what they tweeted this afternoon:​  

First production run of Double has sold out! New orders shipping early 2013.

Hi everyone!  Welcome to our new blog page, where we will be keeping you posted with important Double news and info. 

We wanted to update you on a couple things since we launched.  First off, we want to thank you all for your enthusiasm and support for Double, especially to those of you who pre-ordered.  Because of the overwhelming response, we've already had to expand our first production run to include more robots than planned, which is great!  However, in good conscience, we cannot continue to offer a December ship date for units placed from here forward. 

New orders placed (as of August 16th) will now be shipping in early 2013. 

For those of you who have placed your order already, nothing has changed.  Your order is still set to ship out in December.