Announcing Double App for iOS Version 2.0

We're excited to announce version 2.0 of the Double app! The app is now live in the App Store. The previous version (1.6) is not compatible with iOS 8, so please update your app when you update your iOS.

This update is focused on improving the driving experience. High quality video is now possible and is automatically enabled on newer iPads! The driver can pinch to zoom or capture a full-resolution photo. This helps tremendously with reading whiteboards. There's a "Night Vision" mode that slows down the shutter speed to help you see when the lights are out. Robot height and speaker controls are now easier to access – just slide swipe up/down anywhere on the screen, left side for the robot speaker and the right side for robot height. This is a free update for all users.

Here's a full list of the new features:

Driving Experience

  • Support for iOS 8
  • High quality video
    • Low: 320x240 (same as old app)
    • Mid: 640x480 resolution, 15 fps
    • High: 640x480 video resolution, 30 fps (only on iPad Air)
  • Pinch to zoom video (up to 3x)
  • Photo Capture
  • Night Vision
  • Fullscreen volume and height controls
  • Remotely control robot's screen brightness (turn it down when someone is taking a picture of you!)
  • Long-press on video to set exposure point
  • Warning when remote frame rate is slow or frozen
  • Driver option for target video quality

Other New Features

  • Improved network connectivity (supports TCP over Port 80)
  • Improved Network Tester
  • Power save mode on robot standby screen (engages after 7 minutes)
  • Setting to disable remote photo capture
  • Setting to control screen brightness in robot mode
  • Setting to require driver to publish video to drive
  • Auto-mutes call when driver is nearby robot
  • Bluetooth speaker/headset support
  • Double-tapping robot screen flashes the driver's screen
  • Updated UI design and icon

In addition, we've added experimental support for these Chrome-to-robot features: Screen Sharing, Multi-Viewer Video, and display a web page on the robot's screen. You'll soon see an option in the web app to enable these "Experimental" features. We're also adding support for driving from Chrome on Android, Firefox, and Internet Explorer (requires plugin). We'd love to hear your feedback and bug reports.

5 responses
Great work team
iOS version 2.0 is the bomb. Love it. Great job Doublerobotics !!!
Thank you for your continued support! Hoping to see Safari driving supported soon.
After updating to 2.0 and IOS 8.0.2, now I can't log in.
I love it! And everyone at my office loves it too.