Koupah and Double

Koupah is a Point of Social platform, combining mobile, social and POS (Point of Sale) in a retail environment. They are dedicated to building and enhancing the customer-retailer relationship by personalizing the experience. David Merel, CEO of Koupah, uses his Double to be present in the office. Commuting to Midtown New York City can sometimes be difficult, but with the help of David's Double, he's still able to check in with his employees. 

As every company knows, travel can be very expensive. When you add up the cost of transportation, hotel, and food for several employees, you can expect to pay thousands of dollars. That is why some companies, like Koupah, have looked for ways to reduce travel costs. 

Koupah also attends many trade shows and brings their Double with them. Travel costs have been reduced and, more importantly, his staff are able to be "present" at their booths. David feels that Double has become a "great marketing tool" not only because it's helping his company save money, but because Double is helping to change the way we communicate with each other, just like Koupah.