Now Shipping! Last 2 Days For $500 Off

We've started shipping!

In fact, we've shipped about 100 Doubles now and we'll ship about a thousand by September. We've been getting hundreds of calls and emails from around the world asking about when your unit will ship, so we can't thank you enough for your continued patience as our team works tirelessly to make your Doubles as fast as possible.

Here are some great stories about Doubles in the field:
  1. Important conversations don't always happen inside of scheduled meetings in a conference room. If you're not physically present in the office, then you're likely missing out. Or is that still true?
  2. Andrew McAfee of MIT had to be on stage to deliver a keynote at VERGE in Boston, but he was stuck in Phoenix for another event and couldn't get there in time. But he still made it on stage! You have to see this video.
  3. NASA CIO Dr. Pillay committed to being on a Gartner panel in California but was stuck in Washington D.C. due to a last minute travel budget cut.  But he still made it to the panel!

There's 2 more days to place a pre-order before the special $500 off expires. If you have already pre-ordered, your special price is locked in--no further action necessary. We will contact you just before your unit is ready to ship.

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