Another successful ISTE for the books!

Last week, we ventured to Philadelphia for ISTE, the annual education tech expo and conference hosted by the International Society for Technology in Education. We had a great time speaking with educators around the world and telling them about how our innovative technology is a game-changer in the classroom. Special thanks to our distribution partners ESSDACK & Symbaloo!

Till next year, ISTE!

Double at Seats2meet in Utrecht, Netherlands

Niels Schuddeboom has written a blog about his experience with using a Double. For the majority of his life, he's been in a wheel chair. Although he's still able to get around, he thinks the Double brings on a new "naturalness in contact". 

"I had the feeling that I was really part of the group. When someone said something, I could turn toward that person and, during our dialogue in the midst of a collection of lively conversations, we could move aside a little so as to better understand each other. Just as you would in reality. By moving the arrow up and down on my Mac’s keyboard, the Double came to life in Leuven and slowly, but surely, moved to the other side of the classroom.  moved myself to the other side of the classroom. What a blast of fresh air!"

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Student's senior project helps home-bound students attend school

Jake McEwen has decided to dedicate his senior project to home-bound students, like Jasmine Fatmi, an eight grader at Sebasticook Valley Middle School in Newport. With the help of a Double, he hopes to give them the chance to experience the school day with friends, which they’ve never had before. 

The project will give home-bound students another outlook, outside of their homes’ four walls, being a part of the community and essentially learning beside their peers.

“Any student who comes to the district now, they don’t just have to be home-schooled now, they’ll actually be able to go to class with their friends,” says McEwen.

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Bon Secours Medical Center Uses Double Robotics to Visit Patients

Dr. Robert Lancey is a cardiothoracic surgeon at Bon Secours Maryview Medical Center in Virginia. He demonstrates how he uses his Double, visiting his patients and making his rounds around the hospital. Dr. Lancey uses his Double to visit his patients post surgery to check up on them and see how they are doing. Using his iPhone, Dr. Lancey is able to connect to patients whenever he wants.

“I used it initially to try it out and see how it worked. Now I use it frequently, almost every night, for a fresh post-operative patient who has just come out of the operating room. It gives me a little bit of peace of mind.” … “The patients recognize my face and usually burst into a big smile.”

Audio Kit Pre-Orders Have Begun Shipping

Just a quick note – we began shipping Audio Kits to pre-order customers on Tuesday. We're about half way through the pre-order list. They're being assembled locally in California, so we're getting more every day for the next week.

However, we've had so many pre-orders that we've sold out the first batch of parts. The second batch of parts is already underway and will arrive in 3-6 weeks. We're expediting them as much as possible. New Audio Kit orders will ship in March.

Double Helps School Save $20K!

CESA 10, an agency based in Chippewa Falls, provides services for school districts.

Last year it received a Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction grant to improve literacy of students with disabilities in the five school districts that include Bloomer and Lake Holcombe. The districts were selected for the program based on student achievement data.

A trainer was flown in to help, and over a 10-day period the trainer visited the five districts. Webinars were also used. The trainer then flew out of Wisconsin.

The cost: $30,000.

Lindamood-Bell told CESA about the robot program. So the agency switched to “Lucky” for its second year of grants from the DPI.

“This year, with the robot, we’re spending less than $10,000,” Margenau said.

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VirtualSC Double Robot Project

VirtualSC is a free state-sponsored online program serving students currently attending public, private and home schools in grades 7-12 and Adult Education Programs. They are using Double to provide schools that need teachers specializing in certain subject areas. With the Double, these off-site instructors can help out in the classrooms without the hassle of traveling to the schools, especially those in rural areas.

Currently, VirtualSC is testing Double out in two locations. "I feel like she was actually standing in front of us, as if she was here in real life and it wasn't like we were talking to a regular robot," says Toni, one of the Lead Academy students. Rodney Johnson, a Lead Academy principal was delighted to see the robot in the classroom. "It was really neat and just seeing it move around the classroom really exceeded my expectations."

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