Online Apple Store + iPad Air Update

Double Now Available via Online Apple Store

We're thrilled to announce that Double is available for immediate delivery when purchased directly from the Online Apple Store.

We began shipping to customers in May 2013. Since then, we've seen over $2 million in sales and shipped units throughout the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia. Double is designed and hand-assembled in California at our headquarters.  Double will continue to be available at and distributors.

You can download the full press release as a pdf.

iPad Air Compatibility is Coming!

We know that many customers are eager to use a new iPad Air in their Double.  We're happy to announce that we have a low-cost solution to make all shipped Doubles compatible with the new iPad Air's smaller frame.  The cameras and buttons are in the same places relative to previous iPads.  We have designed a spacer that make your iPad Air fit snugly in Double's iPad case.  Here's a 3D rendering of this new spacer:

The Spacer for iPad Air will be available to ship by December 15th, 2013, barring any production delays.  Any customers who purchased a Double on or after October 15th (one week before the iPad Air announcement) can request a Spacer for free!  Other customers can purchase a Spacer for just $10 + shipping (Update: Spacers are now free and come with every Double in the box!).  An order form will be made available on our website as the ship date approaches.  Email us at with any questions.

Customer Support Improvements

We're happy to announce that we now have a dedicated customer support team and a brand new support site at: Our goal is to respond to all requests on the same day (during California business hours) or within 24 hours. Please email at any time.

Also, check out this article on Guided Access Mode, which we highly recommend as a way to keep the Double app open and available, even after a crash or alert pops up.

iOS App Version 1.3 - Improved Battery Life

We released an update to our iPad and iPhone app last week.  It features improved battery life for the robot's iPad while in standby mode.  The screen will automatically dim to 0% brightness after a few minutes.  This allows you to leave your iPad's screen on without worrying about screen burn-in or the battery running out too quickly.  Combined with Guided Access Mode, this can be a powerful way to ensure Double is available at all times.

Double for iPhone Now Available

 Double drivers love the intuitive interface on iPad and the Chrome web browser. Our iPad and web interfaces provide fine-grained control of the great features of Double, such as motorized height, parking, remote volume control, the downward camera, and more. These controls are seamlessly integrated, allowing the driver to focus on the video stream. This interface makes driving Double easy, efficient, and enjoyable.

Many of our users wanted the ability to drive Double from their iPhone and we couldn't agree more. We believe that driving your Double from an iPhone provides even more flexibility and mobility. You may not be in front of a computer or with your iPad, but you most likely always have your iPhone on hand.

We're pleased to announce that you can now drive Double from your iPhone! We worked hard to maintain an intuitive and simple, but feature-rich interface on the iPhone's smaller screen. You can even drive over a decent 4G or LTE connection on your iPhone. We think we've come up with a pretty good solution and invite your feedback, so we can make it even better.

Download Double from the App Store

TV Show Co-Host Calls In Live On A Double From Los Angeles To Miami

Sábado Gigante is the longest running TV show by Univision, an American Spanish broadcast TV network.

Last weekend, show co-host Setareh Khatibi called in on a Double from Los Angeles, California, to join co-host Don Francisco, live on the set in Miami, Florida.

See what happens! 

The Double team is represented by Romina (spokesperson) and David (CEO). 

Watch the video clip here: 

Double Profile: A2 Wind Tunnel + Williams Cycling

High performance customer service.

A2 Wind Tunnel is located in Mooresville, North Carolina. 2662 miles to the west of A2 in Stockton, California is Williams Cycling, a bicycle company who needs to test their new bicycle frame in A2's wind tunnel.

A2 realizes that their customer's travel expenses often surpass the cost of the wind tunnel test itself. The time commitment alone would mean that the team from Williams Cycling would be out of office for 3 whole days: 2 days just for traveling to and from, and 1 day for the actual testing in the wind tunnel.

How would an east coast company help a west coast company reduce (or eliminate) these hidden costs in doing business with them? 

Williams Cycling reps viewing their wind tunnel test via the Double, that A2 nicknamed A2D2

A2 decided to equip their facility with a Double

Now all of A2's customers from anywhere in the world can test their products in A2's tunnel almost effortlessly, without losing time, while saving money.

Williams reps had total control of A2D2, driving it around the wind tunnel and the control room. We discussed data, proposed ideas and truly engaged them in the test from thousands of miles away. This is a revolutionary offering that will save our customers money and improve their time in the tunnel; we’re very pleased to now offer A2D2, and many thanks to Double Robotics for making this possible.
-David Salazar, A2 Wind Tunnel

To have this access to a facility with the capability of A2 is huge for a company like ours. The ability to simply log on to the test from our office and interact with Dave as if we were right there in A2 was quite an experience. Not only did it save us a lot of money in travel expenses, but with full access to the tunnel at our control, we felt like we were actually there every step of the way. Now prototype testing is going to be almost effortless as we can send something right away to get tested and have immediate results while saving us time and money.
-Keith Williams, Williams Cycling

Now Shipping! Last 2 Days For $500 Off

We've started shipping!

In fact, we've shipped about 100 Doubles now and we'll ship about a thousand by September. We've been getting hundreds of calls and emails from around the world asking about when your unit will ship, so we can't thank you enough for your continued patience as our team works tirelessly to make your Doubles as fast as possible.

Here are some great stories about Doubles in the field:
  1. Important conversations don't always happen inside of scheduled meetings in a conference room. If you're not physically present in the office, then you're likely missing out. Or is that still true?
  2. Andrew McAfee of MIT had to be on stage to deliver a keynote at VERGE in Boston, but he was stuck in Phoenix for another event and couldn't get there in time. But he still made it on stage! You have to see this video.
  3. NASA CIO Dr. Pillay committed to being on a Gartner panel in California but was stuck in Washington D.C. due to a last minute travel budget cut.  But he still made it to the panel!

There's 2 more days to place a pre-order before the special $500 off expires. If you have already pre-ordered, your special price is locked in--no further action necessary. We will contact you just before your unit is ready to ship.

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