Double 3 Shipping Update

To our customers, 

Thank you again for your order of Double 3. We know that you’ve been waiting for your Double 3 Full Set or Head-only Upgrade to ship out for the last few weeks. Our team is working to ramp up production as quickly as possible, but we’re experiencing longer than expected lead times on certain components, which has pushed out our shipping schedule.

We do not have an exact ETA for when your unit will be shipped or delivered, but given the information we know at this time from our suppliers, shipping will begin in November. New orders today should ship sometime in December.

We have not started shipping Double 3 to any customers at this time, so you will be among the first to receive the new robot.

We appreciate your patience.


The Team at Double

12 responses
I think it’s time to update this.
@David You're right! We've just posted another update.
thank you so much for sharing.
Any updates? Our order was placed at the end of September. We are anxiously awaiting delivery.
Yes, we're working our way through the queue, with more robots shipping every day. There was a spike of orders right after the announcement in late August, so the queue is heavy at the beginning. Sorry for the delays! We'll get to your order as soon as possible.
We ordered this in September for a medically fragile student. The student and I researched and trialed the older Double before making this decision. I am now starting to regret it as now more than 1/2 the year is gone. I was told in Oct it would be November, then December, now the last reply from sales doesn't even give a date. We are extremely frustrated and now feel we have to explore the other robots and possibly canceling our order if we can't get a solid date. Have any shipped yet? I've only seen demos on your twitter stream.
We ordered the original one and the next day canceled and order a new one. We have been waiting for our order since day one. I would have hoped for an update or a number in the queue as to when they will be shipped.
Are there any updates on when specific orders might ship?
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