Double Robotics Introduces Double 3

New self-driving robot provides telecommuters and distance learners with high resolution, mixed-reality, mobile video chat.

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Burlingame, Calif. - August 27, 2019 - Double Robotics today unveiled Double 3, the newest robot to increase productivity of remote workers and distance learners with self-driving and a completely new mixed-reality driver’s interface.  

The new Double hardware ditches the iPad and replaces it with a fully-integrated solution using the latest GPU technology in the Nvidia Jetson TX2, two Intel RealSense depth sensors, two high resolution cameras, and a beamforming microphone array.  The new hardware is combined with a new click-to-drive interface, obstacle avoidance, and pan/tilt/zoom video, to provide a fully-immersive remote experience to seasoned users as well as complete beginners.

“Double 3 represents a massive leap in technology for offices and schools, and it finally incorporates all of the top requests from our customers into one seamless, elegant solution,” said David Cann, co-founder and CEO at Double Robotics.


An array of 3D sensors enables Double 3 to understand its environment, where it's safe to drive, and how to divert around obstacles to reach the destination. Obstacle avoidance means that completely untrained drivers can drive Double 3 without fear of bumping into walls or people. 

Click-to-Drive Interface 

Dots are drawn on the floor where Double 3 can safely drive. The driver can click anywhere on the floor and the robot will go there, avoiding obstacles along the way. 

Mixed Reality Video 

Mixed Reality is like Augmented Reality, except virtual 3D objects are added into the video stream, and they look like they are placed in the real world. They help you understand what your Double can see, and they highlight important waypoints and objects of interest, such as the Charging Dock. 

Unified Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras 

Two 13 Megapixel cameras provide an ultra wide field of view and multiple levels of zoom. The cameras can physically tilt up and down, which is helpful for reading papers on a desk or zooming into a specific point. 

Improving Upon Double 2

Double 3 is fully integrated hardware, and no longer requires an iPad, like previous generations of Double.  Other features include an array of six microphones to help the driver hear people from farther away, and user-replaceable silicone rubber trim pieces with 5 colors available.  A developer API is available to allow custom applications to be written for Double.

Pricing & Availability

  • Double 3 is available for order worldwide today, and the first batch of units will begin shipping late September. A package including Double 3 and the Charging Dock is priced at $3999 USD.  

  • Double 3 will be available in the US and through the company’s twelve authorized distributors worldwide. 

  • The new Double 3 Head is backwards compatible with Double 2 robot bases, and existing customers can purchase just the Head for $1999.

About Double Robotics

Double Robotics is the creator of Double, the world’s leading telepresence robot. Double is an two-wheeled, self-driving robot that gives people a physical presence at work or in school when they can’t be there in person. Founded in 2012 and a graduate of the startup accelerator Y Combinator, Double Robotics is a privately-held technology company headquartered in Burlingame, California. Visit for more information.


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